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AU: Cole/Phoebe & Chris [13 Feb 2011|07:50pm]

Title: Arms Wide Open
Pairings/Characters: Cole/Phoebe, Chris
Song: Arms Wide Open by Creed
Description: Chris as Cole and Phoebe's son.
YT Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTG5Wt5GsRU
Download Link: http://www.4shared.com/video/25dle6Rz/Arms_Wide_Open__Charmed_.html
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Request [17 Dec 2007|10:46am]

Does anyone have any Phoebe vids? And any with dialog? Also, any Piper, Leo, Chris vids? Or any Piper/Phoebe or Prue/Phoebe?
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New videos [16 Jul 2007|12:11am]

I finally did some new videos

Charmed videosCollapse )
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Leo and Piper Music Video! I'll Always Be Right There [19 Jun 2007|12:44am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi everyone,
I just finished my first Leo and Piper music video. I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.
Song:I'll Always Be Right Here
Artist: Bryan Adams
Fandom: Charmed
Characters: Leo/Piper
Summary: A very sweet, romantic Leo and Piper music video shown from both pov's about their love and how they are always there for for each other. The theme focuses on Leo's proposal, Piper's reluctance and then acceptance and some of the ups and down of their relationship reflecting back to their wedding day and the promises they made to one another.
located at:

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Dreamz a'Luv Awards... [12 May 2007|07:58pm]


Hey there!

Dreamz a'Luv Fanvideo Awards (presented by SimbiAni) wants YOUR vids! Yes you! So c'mon and enter! What could you win? Why, some pretty cool pics, of course! Accepting ALL fandoms (and ships...) but especially hoping for the following:

Lion King, Balto, Anastasia! etc (um, theyre my namesake!)
Smallville - (Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lex, Chloe/Lana)
Lost - (Jack/Kate/Sawyer OT3ness)
LazyTown (Let's show the regular vidders that other LT vidders DO exist! I am NOT the only one, yo! LOL)
XMen movieverse - (Rogue/Iceman/Pyro OT3ness)
Spiderman movieverse - (Peter/MJ/Harry OT3ness)

And of course, my current obsessions -

and Heroes. Anything about teh show Heroes. Becuz. It is just that fascinating. Hehe.

NOTE: Plz try to avoid both Stargate SG1 & Atlantis, cuz I am waaay behind (seasons!) and dont want to be spoiled, thx!

Thank you all!

- SimbiAni

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New Charmed Vid [25 Feb 2007|09:12am]

I made my first Charmed vid last night. It's for the s2 episode Pardon My Past. Feedback is appreciated.

Video Title: Haunted by a Whisper
Song Title: Somebody Help Me by Full Blown Rose
Fandom: Charmed
Genre/Type: Episodic, Ensemble
Characters: Ensemble, Past!Prue, Past!Piper, Past!Phoebe, Anton
Youtube Link:
Haunted by a Whisper
Download Link:
Haunted by a Whisper

Next up(if anyone cares): Paige/Alec, Paige/Kyle, Phoebe/Drake, Morality Bites, Awakened, Extreme Makeover World Edition/Charmageddon, Centennial Charmed
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New Charmed Video Site [02 Sep 2006|06:50pm]

Hi, I have just created a brand new site dedicated to helping the charmed vidding community grow. I aim to get a difinitive list of various Charmed vids from different vidders. I think it is a good idea as it will gather many videos and allow new vidders to share their work with anyone who's interested. As it is brand new I would be very grateful if anyone reading this would go and submit their videos and art in order to get things started.
Go here

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New and Old Vids [31 Aug 2006|04:54pm]

Hey, I have just given my site a sort out and there are now a few more videos online. Some of them are old but they're still worth looking at. Comments are very much appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy!

Charmed Videos Online:
These Days - General
I'm Alright - Piper/Paige
Someone Like Me - Paige/Glen
Cry - Prue
Miss You - Death and Grief
Hero - Season 6
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Piper and Leo Video [22 Aug 2006|12:26pm]

Fix You by Coldplay
A video about how Leo fixes Piper figuratively and literally by healing her wounds. Clips up to 5x18.

Enjoy and Feedback would be appreciated.
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Another New Vid [26 Jul 2006|07:27pm]

Hey, another new vid from me. This time it's just a general video with all 8 seasons in it. It is my way of saying goodbye to Charmed. I hope you enjoy it, feedback is muchly appreciated. Download it here.


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New Video [03 Jul 2006|10:14pm]


I have a new video. It's basically about how Piper went from missing Prue to accepting Paige as her new sister. Hope you like it, comments make me happy.

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"Giving In"- Charmed- Cole Turner [22 Jun 2006|11:19pm]


Song: "Giving In"- Adema
Fandom: Charmed
Details: 14MB; WMV
Program Used: Sony Vegas Movie Studios 6
Description: Cole's relationship with Evil and Phoebe in Seasons Three and Four.
Download: http://www.avenuepotter.com/~shoopdancer/Giving In.wmv
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Three new videos [30 May 2006|02:51pm]

Forever Charmed inspired me to do three new videos

They are located here !
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[02 May 2006|07:43pm]

Hey, I just found a page on YouTube where someone has blatantly stolen clips and entire videos off of me. I know for a fact that she has also stolen clips off Sarah Penney but if anyone else can see something of theirs then they should ask her to take it down. This is blatant clip theft and is wrong. I can't believe after all the time, effort and money I put into making these videos they are just stolen with someone else taking the credit.
Sorry if I seem a tad angry, I am. Here's the link:


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Chris Vid - I Saw [21 Apr 2006|05:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey, I made my first vid! I'm so excited :) It's a Chris video, episodic for Chris-Crossed. Weeeee!

Video Name : I Saw
Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CF5994Z2
Song: I Saw
Artist: Matt Nathanson
Character, pairing or ensemble information: Chris/Bianca, though the focus is, of course, on Chris  :)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Ratings and warnings: None
Summary: Episodic vid for Chris-Crossed (6.10), Chris' p.o.v.

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Vid Recs [19 Apr 2006|05:33pm]

Hey, here are three vids that I found during The Great Search that I really liked:

Painted on Smile
Vidder: Holly Gilmore
It's an episodic vid for "Long Live the Queen" near the end of season 4

Somebody Help Me
Vidder: Nida
A Chris video from Season 6; I've seen this song vidded for other fandoms, but I really like how the song fit Chris and the vid

We Are
Vidder: I have no idea - the entire site is in Czech...I think...
I was searching for a Chris video, found this site, didn't understand a word of it, except the episode titles, and downloaded the episodic vid for "Chris-Chrossed," episode 6x10 (scroll down the page). The quality of the video used is not that great, but it's still a good vid, expecially if you're looking for a Chris-fix (which I usually am)
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interests [19 Apr 2006|05:15pm]

Hey, I just found this community, and I am so excited. I don't make vids, but I love watching them, and I've spent the last week scouring the net for Charmed vids (googling them? NOT easy). I stumbled across this site by accident in some other journal. Is it possible to add Charmed to the interests section? It would have been insanely easier for me to discover this goodie of a community...
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videos [30 Mar 2006|04:55pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I've uploaded some vids for the big ff music video contest, so, here are they :

Title of Video: Charmed - Genie in a bottle
Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fpe40o
Short Description: an episodic of I dream of Phoebe, I tried to capture the drama of it all between Chris/Phoebe/Paige, and the fun of it when Phoebe was a genie, and the expressions they sometimes made, that were funny.

Title of Video: Charmed - Going Under
Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/32an2k
Short Description: It's a vid about the first 7 seasons and what they\'ve been trough. The danger, the angst, the love, the loss...

Title of Video: Chris Crossed
Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/trozab
Short Description: an episodic vid about Chris Crossed and the love of Bianca and Chris...

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Paige/Henry video [15 Mar 2006|01:29pm]

Hi, i'm new here. My name is Louise and i'm a video addicted. I'll post my other Charmed videos soon, but for now i let you with my new one, a Paige/Henry video

Weird Sisters - Magic Works

From the last Harry Potter movie
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I would love to make Charmed videos.... [13 Mar 2006|09:18pm]

[ mood | Creative ]

Does anyone know of a place where I could get source clips??  I have none from Charmed but plan to start compiling my own clips if I can't find any soon!  But I will still hang around regardless and watch videos.  We watch Charmed reruns twice a day and have seen almost every episode.  Sad to hear it will be ending soon.  But still want to make new videos. 

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